Week One

Day 1

Made it! Met with an awesome guy at the airport that was selling a truck. Sold! Loaded up the two suitcases we brought and went to Walmart for tents and camping gear. Did I mention we’re roughing it while we build this thing?

After we got necessary tools/supplies, we went straight to the land! This was Devin’s initial reaction.

After a couple hours of work with the machete, it didn’t look so tough.

Day 2

More clearing of land with machete and shovels. We went exploring and damn, 3 acres seems a lot bigger when it’s loaded with all kinds of trees and ferns and flowers you gotta get through.

Day 3

Can’t remember. More digging I'm sure.

Day 4

Took the day off while we wait for some people with heavy equipment to get back to us. We need an excavator or bobcat to get through a lot of this stuff and make the ground level. The land is all green, but you go down a foot and it’s straight lava rock. But smooth. It’s unreal. Anyways, we got someone who’s gonna check it out in a couple days. We went beach.

Day 5

Checked out all kinds of solar options because this house is going to be off the grid. The parts for the power we want were a lot more expensive than we were planning, but we’re gonna make it work. We’re gonna install it all ourselves when the time comes.